Dick's Auto Salvage

Named for my brother, who had worked for some time as a car mechanic, Dick's Auto Salvage made use of Monroe Models' Jurgen's Junk Yard, albeit in modified form. The appeal of this kit for me was being a Quonset hut; that the kit served the same purpose as my intended use was merely coincidental.



The frame was shortened to fit the space, and the end wall section was modified to open up the windows and doors.

To keep the shortened building's proportion more balanced, I also reduced the height of the false-front a few scale feet.

The decals, which I'd rendered with software and printed on white decal paper, required quite a lot of Solva-Set to get them settled into the wood siding.

To curve the corrugated metal material smoothly, I gently rolled it between a piece of styrene tubing and a small block of firm foam rubber.

I applied multiple layers of Rust-All to get the right level of aging.

Naturally the completed scene included plenty of junk and debris. Also, next door was an abandoned factory, and the derelict boxcar parked there was utilized for storage.

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