Stephen A. Greene Building Supplies

The overall form of this structure was a consequence of blending two Robert Ray laser kits, Nail Brothers Salvage and Lew Skroo's Hardware. It was further shaped by revisions to the arrangement of roads and structures, and consequently it was built twice.



The two kits were merged by leaving off one wall of each structure, and joining the open ends.

To create the effect of faded painted wood, I first sprayed the model with grey primer. Then I applied pastel chalk powder with a soft brush.

I made a brick foundation by applying strips of etched brass kit scraps to the edges of thick sheet styrene.

An N Scale etched brass weigh scale from Kestrel Designs in the UK, which I'd cut down to suit Z Scale, provided an interesting detail I'd always wanted to model. I dipped it in metal blackener, then gently rubbed it to bring out the detail.

The outbuilding (far left) was a straight build of the Lineside Tool Shed kit from Micro-Trains, manufactured at the time by Robert Ray.

Roofing was Builders-In-Scale N Scale corrugated metal material; the chimney was made from kit scraps and a bit of styrene tubing. Such an industry is a wonderful excuse to go overboard on detailing. In particular, the abandoned coal trestle behind the building became home for a mountain of junk.

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