Rexall Pharmacy

Rexall Pharmacy was a background building that faced away from the front of the layout, but its illuminated sign rose above the roof so as to be seen.



The sign started out as artwork for a Miller Engineering animated sign kit applied instead to plain electroluminescent material.

The electroluminescent material was trimmed to include only the vertical part of the sign and the Rexall name. Mirror images were created so the sign could be double-sided.

The two sign parts were sandwiched together and simply inserted into the top center window of the structure.

The edges of the sign were covered with thin stainless steel strips.

The structure was a fairly straightforward build of K.C.'s Hardware kit from Miller Engineering. Basically the only thing I changed was the cornice.

With the building front facing the back of the layout, there was no need for any detailing in the windows, although I still painted the storefront using the (dreadful) company color shceme.

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