Naughtright Public Library

The library was simply a space-filler that faced the back of the layout, so it didn't need to be particularly interesting. A Shire Scenes storefront kit became the victim, as it was small and simple. It was something of a shame, however, because this little guy had surprisingly interesting, if rather subtle, character.



Appearances can be deceiving. What looked like a very simple, straightforward build was somewhat of a challenge owing to the thinness of the brass and lack of tabs—the corners just butted together.

Once I got the corner soldered, things improved quickly.

And a styrene roof with wall caps wrapped up the main construction.

Painting and installing the windows came next.

I filled in one doorway with cinderblock to add interest.

Even though the building faced the back of the layout, I still added a sign and window shades just for kicks. Below is an exceedingly rare view that requires the removal of several structures to achieve.

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