Landsend Farmhouse

Landsend Farm grew out of a desire to finish a farm scene I hadn't quite finished on my N Scale White River and Northern IV.



The farmhouse was a fairly straight build of the GCLaser kit. About all I did differently was replace all of the windows with etched brass windows, and make a new porch.

The new porch had scraps of etched brass detail parts for the railings.

Chopped up pieces of cast resin stone wall fencing were used to make the foundation.

Styrene footings for the porch were bonded to the base before the terrain was applied.

The entire house was sprayed with flat white paint. To create the slightly weather-beaten effect, I simply went a little light on the paint coverage.

The porch was detailed with wicker chairs from Stonebridge Designs, and a yellow "bug light" LED mounted on the wall next to the door. The fluorescent light shining from the kitchen windows was generated by a cool white LED inside. The roof was finished with Paper Creek Model Works cedar shake shingles. The property around the house was awash with details, including a laundry line, propane tank, doghouse, disused corn bins and more.

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