Jim's Trains/Don & Stan's Barber Shop

This project fulfilled a couple of long-standing dreams that were essentially holdovers from my N Scale White River and Northern IV: a model of a model train layout, and a working barber pole. Consequently there was a lot going on inside this Miller Engineering Pitman DelI kit. The end result included two (presumed and unofficial) world records.



On the left side was a hobby shop with a working model train in the window; on the right side was a barber shop with a working barber pole. The first thing I did was fill in the awning slots with solder; then I made a notch for the barber pole. (The mechanisms for the two animations are visible in the background.)

To give the building face more relief, I made a new cornice from etched brass and styrene, and added styrene window lintels and sills.

Painting and weathering completed the structure cosmetically.

The animated device for the hobby shop window constitutes an unofficial world record for the smallest working model train layout. Given it's a Z Scale model of an N Scale layout, it works out to a modeling scale of 1:35,200. The train itself consisted simply of notches cut in the end of a flexible tube that was slowly rotated by a low-RPM motor. The tube stuck up through a slot cut in a tiny model landscape.

At a mere 20 thousandths of an inch tall, this was easily a world record for the smallest working barber pole. The pole itself was a short piece of styrene rod wedged between the ends of two counter-rotating brass drive rods. The drive rods were turned slowly by a small geared motor mounted to the bottom of the building.

The layout was illuminated so it could be seen through the window (the lights weren't on when the photo below was taken).

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