Abandoned Factory

This scratchbuilt structure was inspired by a decrepit factory building in the UK, which was of an architectural design prevalent throughout the world. It was one of the most satisfying models I've built.



This was once the home of a venerable motorcycle manufacturer in the UK; the portions of it that remain intact are now used as a furniture warehouse.

The model was based on dimensions established by window assemblies, each of which which was made by joining multiple etched brass window parts together to achieve the right proportions.

Using the window dimensions, I then fabricated floors and beams from styrene. The floors were notched to accept the beams.

After assembling the floors and beams, I distressed them heavily, then painted and weathered them. The roof was finished with strips of black masking tape.

The chemically-blackened windows were installed into the main structure along with etched brass brick panels.

The interior was fully detailed, including rooms, corridors, doors, industrial debris, and even a few shrubs that had taken root in the long-disused space (based on some reference photos). Next door, Dick's Auto Salvage made use of the derelict boxcar parked beside the factory.

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