Chapter 4: The Bashing

An urban industrial setting requires a lot of buildings, and thatís perfectly fine because I
really enjoy kitbashing. Many of the buildings went through multiple revisions as I worked
to achieve the right look. I frequently posed partially-assembled shells to get a sense of
how everything might fit together, and to help me decide where I might need to make
changes in the arrangement of streets and so forth.

The process actually began before tracklaying; hereís an early test from May 2013:

Compare this with another test done two months later; many buildings were changed and
some streets were rearranged:

More changes followed, although they gradually became more subtle and detail-oriented.
The old JCIR website had individual pages devoted to each and every structure. Because
I doubt thereís much value in recycling such a finely-grained look at a lot of old work, Iíll
simply highlight a few of the more noteworthy projects.

  1. Rearden Metal Products
  2. American Box Company
  3. Spanoís Service Station
  4. Pacific Avenue Apartments
  5. Woodward Tenements

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