Rearden Metal Products

Of all the projects on the JCIR, Rearden went through the most changes.

Business Offices

I started with the offices, using this as a reference:

The model consists of six Atlas Middlesex Manufacturing kits merged to make one massive monolith. The reason it took so many kits is because the back of the building is just like the front, unlike the kit's original back wall, which was shorter.

The main building was fairly straightforward; however, I made an extension that was originally a more modern style. Dissatisfied with the end result, I replaced it with something closer in style to the main building. However, I never finished it.

Manufacturing Complex

The manufacturing side was an amalgam of many industries I've seen and wished to emulate. These reference images were two of many that influenced its design.

The main building (foreground, below) is comprised of three Cornerstone Vulcan kits grafted into one. The three parallel structures (below right) are Piko generic factories.

The extensions off the back went through many revisions. Originally one was an old stone structure that was extended with a sawtooth roof (below), but this looked cartoonish.

When I switched to Walthers modular components (below, center and right), the complex started to come together. The boiler house (bottom) was made from pieces of Cornerstone's Water Street Terminal.

It was quite a lot of fun making this generously-proportioned overhead crane.


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