Onward and Upward

After recovering from the trademark debacle, I dove back into the project. By July 2011, the layout could pass for done, even though there was still plenty of dotting and crossing of i's and t's yet to be done.

Gorre Station (a.k.a. Geordie Station) was fun to build, and came out closer to John Allen's original than I'd anticipated.

During construction, the arrangement of industries along the siding changed in much the same way it did on John Allen's layout.

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how did I make the lake.

I'm also asked how I did the rockwork.

Going into 2012, progress slowed considerably as I prepared to attend a Z Scale convention in Medford, Oregon. The G&D was slated to make the trek west along with her sister layout, the James River Branch. The convention was a tremendous success; it was the trip home that was a disaster: the James River Branch was damaged beyond repair during shipping. While the G&D didn't suffer a scratch, the loss of the JRB—five years in the making—shook me to the core, and I stopped modeling for a month.

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