Daphetid Town Buildings

This is where I made the biggest changes to John Allen's version. As his layout empire expanded, Daphetid changed radically, but on the original layout, it was just a station and a water tower, and these were swapped with different versions at various times.

My version came closer to how Daphetid looked after the original layout was incorporated into Allen's final masterpiece.

There was just enough room at Daphetid for one small, complete building, which sat in the very corner of the layout; this was a straight build of a laser kit.

The rest of the buildings were the front walls from three kits that were lightly bashed and assembled into a single flat.

The building flats were attached to a sheet of electroluminescent material, which illuminated all of the buildings without adding any depth. The panel glowed bright pink, so I applied orange filters to warm up the light a little.

The power supply was built into the layout.

A pair of brass rods held the flats in place and allowed the assembly to be removed.

The finished scene.


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