Siding Industries: Central Valley Model Works

John Allen's shout-out to the real Central Valley Model Works was due to the fact that he did product photography for them, often using his layout as the setting.

After abandoning the large wooden industry and moving the cattle pens across the track, I decided to model CVMW. However, by then I'd gotten a little lazy and didn't feel like going to lengths to mimic Allen's original building, so I modified a little cast resin kit that had a nice southwestern feel, which I thought was appropriate. I also tacked on some tanks from a fuel oil dealer kit for a vague tie-in with the original.

To spiff up the building, I resized all of the openings for new etched brass doors and windows. Then I amped up the stucco by priming the building with textured spray paint.

I made tarpaper by bonding toilet paper to the roof with paint (Floquil Weathered Black).

The final detail was an N Scale skylight, which tied it into Allen's building a little better. At one point I'd made a stab at building a lumber yard, but ultimately I was unsatisfied with it, so I moved the factory's tanks across the track to become the oil dealer.

For the layout rename, it became Western Valley Model Works, just to be on the safe side. I never got around to adding Model T-era vehicles to the scene, as I'd wanted.

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