Siding Industries: Cattle Pen

The original on John Allen's layout was small and located near Gorre Station.

When the first layout expansion began, it was moved to the siding.

After starting work on his final layout, it was gone, replaced by a structure that inspired me to build something similar.

Then the cattle pen reappeared, this time doubled.

Later, it was back down to its original size.

My cattle pen was a straight build of a laser-cut kit. You can also see the large-ish industry I'd originally planned to use on the siding (Paw of a Bear Plumbing Supply Company).

Although I wasn't consciously copying John Allen's pattern, I did double it before its permanent installation. But rather than simply build a second kit, I went to the trouble of merging two kits together (in retrospect, this was a mistake, because the ramps were too close together).

Later, after I dropped the industry (the structure was too large, and blocked the view of things behind it), I moved the pen to the other side of the track, and added a little freight depot as my substitution for the lumber yard.

I never did add any cattle to the pen...

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