Greene Granite & Monument Company

Layout Summary




15 by 22 inches


Tomix Fine Track


homemade PWM


Northeast granite quarry, early diesel era


Gatorfoam over extruded foam insulation


Sculptamold over extruded foam insulation


20% complete/in storage

Study in Minimalism

When the Elizabeth and Port Reading came to an unexpected halt, I wound up with a small pile of leftover track and a few pieces of foam insulation board; inexplicably they inspired me to see what I could make of them. I used almost every last bit of track for a simple loop with a switchback siding, which I sat staring at for a long stretch of time.

When the hazy recollection of an image I'd seen while researching the White River and Northern VIII flashed through my mind, I immediately knew what to do with the loop of track and the foam. In one afternoon the Greene Granite layout was assembled. Then, just as quickly, all of my enthusiasm evaporated.

Presently the layout is in storage with several others, but not before I started yet another one!

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