Elizabeth and Port Reading

True story: I awoke one morning in the midst of a startlingly vivid dream in which I was building a layout. It was a figure-eight designed in a way to disguise the simple plan in an intriguing way. So I fired up my laptop and started madly sketching so as to retain as much of the quickly-fading memory as I could.

Strangely enough, the results seemed feasible, so I raided my storage container for whatever I could use to build the layout. My initial sketch utilized Atlas Code 55 track, but I didn't have enough turnouts. Then I discovered a cache of Tomix Fine Track, and bingo: the Elizabeth and Port Reading came to life.

In short order I had the base built and the track laid. I'd started looking for building kits to bash when I fell into a funk, as I'm prone to do these days, and work ground to a sudden halt. I may return to it one day, but I've no idea when or if that might happen. In the meantime, it's in storage with several other layouts, one of them having been started while I was still working on this one...

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