The Railwire January 2018 Modeling Challenge: Industrial Building

With a desperate need for a diversion, I elected to participate in The Railwire January 2018 Modeling Challenge. The topic is an industrial buildingóright up my alley! For my entry I chose the E.J. Scudder Foundry & Machine Company in Trenton, NJ. This classic old brick industry is loaded with character, and ought to be a lot of fun to kitbash.

My goal was not a brick-for-brick reproduction, but rather something that emulates it, mostly because my modeling skills are rusty and have been negatively impacted by health issues. Plus, my current living conditions are, shall we say, a challenge of another kind. Ultimately the construction was pretty decent, but the finish work was a disaster, so it ended a bit prematurely on kind of a sour note.

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