The Railwire January 2018 Modeling Challenge:

The roof is really slow going. Each part must be carefully cut and shaped to fit the complex geometries around pilasters, chimneys, corners and other features. I wound up making nearly half of the parts twice, and a couple took three tries. I started with the extension on the rear, using DPM tarpaper roof parts.

Cutting required considerable precision—something I've become less adept at managing. Parts had to be shaped down to the thousandths of an inch to fit the pilasters and other building contours.

Then I turned my attention to the pair of long extensions. I used Vulcan kit parts—they provided the best aesthetics, and were also the easiest to adapt, which makes sense since they're all part of the same kit.

In order to cover the large area of the main building, I had to piece together sections of corrugated roofing from the original Vulcan kit, and knowing I couldn't do this seamlessly, I cut strips and joined them using a sheet of paper to offset them slightly, thereby suggesting courses of roofing.

I saved the best for last—the office hip roof, because I knew this would be the most enjoyable part to make. When this was done, I added gutters, chimney caps and exhaust vents, which brought the project to the point of being ready for a foundation.

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