The Railwire January 2018 Modeling Challenge:

First Extension

The lower brick part of the first extension to the right of the main building was made from a single Vulcan end wall with a center part offset vertically to create three matching window openings.

The brick strip across the top came from a Walthers' Allied Rail Rebuilder wall, the least useful part from this kit.

After trimming the wall to its final size, I filled in the window openings with bits cut from Walthers' State Line Farm Supply end walls. The smaller window openings are sized for Grandt Line 8-pane horizontal windows.

The sheet metal addition above the brick part vexed me for some time. While I had the perfect starting material (a chunk of the Vulcan kit roof), I didn't look forward to making the window openings, as my skills have diminished—a matter made much worse by my injury.

Then I took a closer look at the reference image: there's a horizontal seam running right through the window openings, just a little above center. I could "model" this by making two wall parts, each having notches cut for the windows, and using a sheet of paper as a shim to offset the parts slightly when joining them. Notches are infinitely easier to make than square openings by simply making a series of parallel cuts with the table saw, and cleaning up the opening with a knife. The openings are sized for Grandt Line 6/6 double-hung windows.

While studying this problem, I also noticed another mistake I'd made: this section has no brick pilasters on the ends, so I trimmed them off before making the vertical extension, then joined the wall parts together with the second extension.

Second Extension

The second addition to the right of the main building is similar to the first, having four sections with larger openings.

I began with four Vulcan end wall center blanks, which I joined together with strips of brick cut from wall scraps.

After assembling the wall, I noticed the mistake I made in the third section, which should have had a freight door, so I broke that part out and corrected it, adding a piece of .080" Evergreen I-beam. I trimmed the reassembled wall to height, then filled in the window openings with bits cut from Walthers' State Line Farm Supply end walls. The two small window openings are sized for Grandt Line 8-pane horizontal windows.

After the wall was completed, I joined it with the first extension.

Third Extension

After much deliberation, I elected to omit the third addition at the far right. The primary reason for this decision came after I began assembling the walls I'd completed up to this point, and felt that the last addition would make the overall building a bit too large for potential use on a layout. The secondary reason was that I'd not arrived at a satisfactory means to model the plain brick addition. Thus I made a "pretend" end wall in the same style as the end of the main section. Its odd height made for a challenging bash.

But things got worse when I found its width would put the other end of the extension in the middle of a window on the main building. So, I dismantled the end wall and narrowed the center section to correct the problem. It was just as well; the result is more in keeping with the proportions of the actual building.

It was then time to tackle the back of the complex.

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