The Railwire January 2018 Modeling Challenge:

The office on the far left end was made from DPM Modular wall parts, plus an extension made from a single piece of the Vulcan kit. The cornice parts were swiped from DPM Bruce's Bakery kits. Unfortunately it meant sacrificing three kit fronts, but I have loads of spares, as this is a favorite of mine. Also, the side facing the street to the left has only two windows instead of three, but that's an error I'm quite willing to overlook.

The DPM parts had to be cut down to achieve the correct height; then the cornices were attached and trimmed.

After cutting some corner braces from plain styrene scraps, I assembled the office, and filled in the gaps at the corners of the cornice parts with bits of plain styrene. The odd angle of the small addition to the left is deliberate, reflecting how the real building was madeónote the angle of the sidewalk in the reference image.

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