The Railwire January 2018 Modeling Challenge:
Kitbashing Parts

Even though I've documented this project thoroughly, I highly doubt anyone else would be inclined—or, more particularly, financially prepared—to do a bash like this for themselves, because the statistics for this project are somewhat staggering. Consider what went into it:


Kit Name



Walthers Vulcan Manufacturing

the bulk of the structure


Walthers State Line Farm Supply

rear addition, filled-in windows, wooden walls


Walthers Allied Rail Rebuilders

chimneys and brick trim strips


DPM various kits

roof parts


DPM Modulars



DPM Bruce's Bakery

office cornices


Pola Stone Enginehouse


Plus, it required 32 Grandt Line windows and 5 doors, various bits of Evergreen styrene shapes and sheet stock, and some etched brass railings. How was I able to afford such a project? Over the last 20-odd years, I've been accumulating vast numbers of kits in preparation of building my final layout. Presently, however, I'm in no way able to rebuild the stockpile; when it's gone, it's gone. Nevertheless, it's been a very enjoyable project. And if my modeling efforts inspire others to take up similar projects, then my participation in the Challenge was worth it.

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