Railwire Modeling Challenge 2009:
Rolling Freight Transfer Platform

This bizarre little specialty thingie was made from a modified truck. I elected to model mine in Z Scale, as I was building the James River Branch at the time.

I started by cutting up a Full throttle truck, and drilling out the springs.

I used Evergreen C-channel stock to connect the truck frames together, just as the real thing had been.

I fabricated the platform supports from more Evergreen C-channel stock, plus some plain styrene scraps.

The platform itself was made from sheet styrene, with styrene rod for the hinges.

I drilled holes to accept pieces of beading wire to represent chain.

The diamond-plate surfaces were simulated with decals made from a photograph. I printed the image at various sizes and chose the best-looking one.

The model was finished with yellow paint and plenty of rust.

I wished I had done it in N Scale so I could have used some old Micro-Trains rib-backed wheels.

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