Letter of Appreciation to DKS

Hi David,

You may recall assisting me back in 2012-2014. Through Railwire and other forums, you assisted me in designing my first layout as an adult (29 years old at the time). The track plan was designed by you—per my beginner wishlist of suggestions such as a double-track main. You also created the graphic for the switch panel. I had limited space in my one bedroom townhome. Well, I got wrapped up in life obligations and had to abandon my layout before it was 100% complete—however, I’d say I got it to about 90%.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my work. I had sky high expectations for a beginner, and that was largely from scouring your website and forum threads. Your influence quickly developed a very discriminating outlook on model railroads within me. But considering my limitations, namely space, commitment to Unitrack, experience, and time, I did the best I could.

Some notable items: I created the switch control panel from scratch—with the red/green LED indicator lights. I ran the NCE DCC Powercab and it seemed to work fine for me. I did a 14 AWG bus wire with feeders to every single piece of track (perhaps overkill?). I used many landscape materials per your recommendation: Arizona Rock & Mineral Ballast, Cripplebush Rubber Rocks, Siflor tufts and static grass, etc.

I wanted to share how you really helped me with model railroading—far more than stacks of MRR magazines or any Kalmbach book. I sold the layout for $2,000 to an older man from Southern California who could no longer build a layout but wanted one just for running trains. It was nice to be able to recoup some of my investment I suppose, but it was sad to see it go.

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did for me and the model railroading world.

Best regards,
Noah Lane

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