A Grateful Follower

Dear David Smith,

You mentioned that you feel you let down a friend regarding your wisdom and contributions; I must adamantly disagree. It is dangerous to "idolize" anyone and all too easy to build up someone in your mind, but as a 35+ year modeler, I feel I can objectively request that you do not sell short your contributions to this hobby with your inspiring ideas, designs and get-it-done attitude. All of which you have so willingly and expertly shared. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Like me, many modelers get stuck in patterns of sluggish incompletion and/or procrastination. Without realizing it, your prolific volume of work through the years, along with detailed accounts and recording of the process, not only informs but inspires modelers like myself. I don't "follow" many modelers, but your site is the only one bookmarked at the top of my page. I like to check in a few times a month to catch up and renew my enthusiasm. I believe I have covered much of your site over the years and eagerly followed along with your house. Much of my own interest probably comes from having similar modeling inclinations. More of a modeler than a railroader, urban and Jersey themes.

As it is, I need to thank you for all of your achievements and for sharing those efforts and accomplishments. Yes, there are talented modelers out there. You stand out among them for your skill and achievement, but above that, for documenting and sharing with us all, including the slices of life lessons. For that I thank you.

I would add, I am also thankful you have considered letting your legacy live on to inspire other generations of modelers.

Steve Schwab

Reproduced with permission. Thank you, Steve. óDavid

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