Aliases and Bio

  • Zack the Knife
  • Zack Attack
  • Zackaroni
  • Zack and Cheese
  • Zackster
  • Zack in the Box
  • Zack is Back
  • Zackamole
  • Zackaroon
  • Zackadoodle Doo
  • Zackadillo
  • Zackaroid
  • Zackmeister
  • ZackDonalds
  • Double Zackburger
  • Zack Hack/Knack/Pack/Shack/Smack/Snack/Stack
  • Quacker Zacker
  • Zic Zack (a Max Headroom reference)
  • Zack Truck
  • Pro Zack
  • Zeepy Zack
  • Wacko Zacko
  • Fractal Zacktal
  • Count Zacula
  • Zackapedia
  • Zackasaurus Rex
  • Zack of All Trades
  • Zack and Tonic
  • Frozen Zachary (he's really chill); also Strawberry Zachary

Zack's name history is a little messed up. At first I thought he was a she, so I named her (him) Zhora, from Blade Runner. When I learned he was a he, instead of naming him Leon, which would have been much more appropriate given the theme, for reasons entirely unknown he became Zack. I'd thought about renaming him, but Zack stuck. Anyway, he's my orange tank with a battering ram and two pile drivers: the battering ram is his head (he loves to head-butt), and the two pile drivers are his front feet (he kneads like he's hitting a punching bag); he's actually aggressively affectionate. Zack is paunchy, loveably dimwitted, and best characterized as the "big dumb kid" you knew in grade school, although to be fair he's not a dumb as you might think. He's been described by a friend (the one rubbing his tummy, below) as the "most chill cat" he's ever known.

He was a goofball, even as a kitten. Not to mention adorable.

Below left, Zack is giving my stomach a workout—a nightly ritual as I'm settling in to go to sleep.

I think he's broken...

Zack's favorite spot is next to the stereo in the entertainment center. Cozy and warm!

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