Aliases and Bio

  • Teeny-Tiny
  • Cutie Pie
  • Baby Girl
  • Baby Yoda
  • Tweetie (also Tweetie Cat)
  • Urf (it's a little noise she makes when she's happy)
  • Her Cuteness

Named after Pris from Blade Runner (a basic pleasure model), she's a runt, and still mistaken for a kitten. Look up the word "cute" in an illustrated dictionary, and there she is! Her eyes are two different colors—yellow and blue—and at night they reflect different colors as well: her yellow eye glows green, and her blue eye glows red! And that spot on her chin? I call it her "coffee stain," a small bit of orange that officially makes her a calico. Pris is diminutive, delicate, and über-sensitive—think "Princess and the Pea." But she's also just as affectionate as her brothers, and loves to head-butt your arm while you're holding a spoonful of soup.

She has what I refer to as a "championship purr"—loud enough to wake me up on occasion—and she's also a championship cuddler. She loves to make bread on my pillow, then curl up against my cheek.

Owing to her not being a strong jumper, Pris was a latecomer to the cubby over the refrigerator. When she finally made it, she became obsessed with it, which upset the boys.

Pris has a strange fetish for plastic bags and certain inks or paints. And just to add to her strange quirks, she likes to snack on cobwebs. Seriously. But I have no clue what this is about:


Pris performs her very own music: "Basic Pleasure Model" is sure to sweep the nation.

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