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  • Cutie Pie
  • Mommy

Katie arrived in my life on 4 October 2014 courtesy of my favorite restaurant at the time. Maybe 6-8 months of age, she was looking for love on the patio where I was eating with friends. The owner had joined us to chat, and indicated he'd have adopted the stray if he didn't have too many already, but he had to get rid of her owing to health department rules. So I solved his problem for him, taking her home—along with four tiny offspring hidden within, unbeknownst to me. But her condition became apparent within a week of settling in; I thought she was just getting fat and happy, until I noticed her nipples...

She gave birth 18 November; one of the four newborns died within 24 hours.

Above left, Pris; above right, Zack; below left, Roy. Below right, a happy grampaw!

Everyone was happy together for about four years, when suddenly Katie got wanderlust and began making escape attempts. Got out three times, and I got her back right away. Fourth time, she was gone. Didn't see her again for a month, and a disastrous return to the trailer made it abundantly clear she did not want to be cooped up with her kids ever again.

So, I let her be happy, and be an outside kitty. Obviously it was precisely what she wanted, as she turned the cabin into her new home—well, the outside of it, anyway.

When she met Bobby, the two of them became fast friends. Indeed, they were inseparable; taken 20 April 2020, my last photo of Katie was of the two of them.

She was not shy about getting what she wanted from me. Here we're watching my picture windows get installed.

Occasionally she would take little "vacations" where I wouldn't see her for a few days, but after April 2020, I never saw her again. I can only assume she had a run-in with a wild animal. And with that, the story of Katie ends. I do miss that fussy little woman.

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