Ebony, a.k.a. Nubby, was a black stray who wandered into my schoolteacher mother's classroom one morning. She was promptly scooped up and brought home. Instead of a tail, she had a short wiggly stump, as Manx cats do—hence her nickname. Lacking a tail, she was rather uncoordinated and clumsy; after running across the yard, she'd come to a stop facing the way she came, and trips down the stairs were often literally that.

Nubby's photos were taken while on vacation in New Hampshire—we'd take the cats with us while vacationing there. The first one was snapped by my girlfriend at the time (we called the cat Nerd); the other two are slides I took circa 1972. She and Snow White both loved taking boat rides with us. They were a hoot to watch: they'd see us headed for the boat, and hop in with is. We'd paddle around for an hour or so, and when we returned, they'd hop back onto the dock. Ah, great memories.

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