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  • Lil' Buddy

It all started on an evening I'd returned home from dinner at the same restaurant with my same friends, around the first of November, 2016. As I got out of my car, I caught fleeting glimpses of a little kitty-like figure flitting around in the dark... which was still there the next morning. It would seem the stray saw my "Sucker for Cats" sign over the driveway, and promptly adopted me as his grampaw.

It took a couple of weeks to gain his trust. At first I couldn't get within twenty feet of him, but soon Bobby began following me everywhere like a shadow, and adores cuddling on my lap. He was also best friends with Katie.

Believe it or not, he hangs with the local raccoon troupe. Bobby just wants to be everyone's friend! And yes, he loves rolling over on his back, and occasionally enjoys a tummy rub. He's gone through a weight change as well: when he first arrived, he ate everything in sight, and put on the pounds. I switched him to diet food, and he's back to a normal, healthy weight.

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