Website Updates

16 September 2019. Added Emma's Memorial.

8 September 2019. The commercial property saga has one more nasty twist.

6 September 2019. Added Timelapse IV.

17 August 2019. Updated Nice Garage. Where's the House?

10 July 2019. Updated the appliances page with the outcome of the laundry issue.

22 June 2019. Added Transformative Moments.

15 June 2019. Updated the appliances page with a long-winded saga about the search for a new washing machine.

5 June 2019. Added Frequently Asked Questions.

4 June 2019. Added a new chapter: Nice Garage. Where's the House? Also added new images to Timelapse, Timelapse II and Timelapse III.

1 June 2019. Added a new page of gorgeous Ric Mac photography.

5 May 2019. Updated Milestones and Yard Work.

1 May 2019. Updated Timelapse II and May Day for 2019. Also deleted quite a few outdated, redundant and superfluous pages, and revised many others.

20 February 2019. Updated Happy Accidents and the Office.

20 January 2019. Added Pretending I Live Here.

12 January 2019. Added Happy Accidents.

23 December 2018. Updated the Living Room page with new information on the fireplace; also added Storage.

18 December 2018. Updated Topography with a more recent satellite view.

15 December 2018. Added a new Timelapse image (scroll all the way down).

6 December 2018. Added The Kindness of Others.

5 December 2018. Updated Rethinking More Stuff with some modified modifications.

30 November 2018. Updated Chapter 11 and Milestones.

25 November 2018. Added Timelapse II and Timelapse III; also split the original windows page into Picture Windows, Small Windows and Sliding Glass Doors.

22 November 2018. Updated Thanksgiving and Rethinking More Stuff. Also added Tool Trailer.

17 November 2018. Added Nor'easter Madness II.

10 November 2018. Added First Light.

4 November 2018. Created Rethinking More Stuff.

2 November 2018. Added a new Timelapse image (scroll all the way down), as well as a new page: One Fall Day.

19 October 2018. Created a new page on the revised blueprints.

12 October 2018. Just started a fifth page of mushrooms!

10 October 2018. Added a new Timelapse image (scroll all the way down).

6 October 2018. After attempting to identify what I thought was a clutch of slug eggs or some such, I learned it was instead a slime mold colony. This then led to the discovery that I'd misidentified many other slime molds as fungi. So, I've separated the slime mold images from the mushrooms gallery, and started its own page. I've also just begun identifying the fungi and slime molds.

4 October 2018. Guess what? I've just started a fourth page of mushrooms.

24 September 2018. Owing to the continued wet weather, I've added a third page of mushrooms.

19 September 2018. Chapter 11 has been expanded.

12 September 2018. After over a week of rain (with more on the way), I've been discovering more mushrooms and other fungi, so I've added a second page of them.

24 August 2018. Faced with a need to decide about kitchen countertops, I've done a thorough evaluation.

8 August 2018. Time for a new Chapter, plus a look at the Commercial Property that caused all of the headaches.

5 August 2018. Added A Railroad Ran Through It.

28 July 2018. Added a gallery of panoramas from my First Visit.

26 July 2018. The status of My Furry Family has changed (scroll down to "Shuffling the Deck").

24 July 2018. Added a few more detail pages: Front Porch and Pantry. Also updated Chapter 10 with the latest nonsense.

19 July 2018. Started a Latest News blog, added a page on Wetlands, and created a new image gallery called Looking Up.

16 July 2018. Finally got around to building a decent page on the Deck.

15 July 2018. Added The Three Ravines.

14 July 2018. Prior website updates weren't documented, so this is the first one, and it also marks a significant rebuild of the site: it had become cluttered and unwieldy, particularly the Home Page, and was in desperate need of reorganization. Some pages have been rewritten, others shuffled around. I hope you enjoy it. And if you ever get lost, check the new Site Map—there's a link to it on every page.


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