Website Updates

18 August 2018. Having made an appointment to get estimates for windows and doors, I added a new page detailing my home's windows and doors.

8 August 2018. Time for a new Chapter, plus a look at the Commercial Property that caused all of the headaches.

5 August 2018. Added A Railroad Ran Through It.

28 July 2018. Added a gallery of panoramas from my First Visit.

26 July 2018. The status of My Furry Family has changed (scroll down to "Shuffling the Deck").

24 July 2018. Added a few more detail pages: Front Porch, Pantry and Interior Finishing. Also updated Chapter 10 with the latest nonsense.

19 July 2018. Started a Latest News blog, added a page on Wetlands, and created a new image gallery called Looking Up.

16 July 2018. Finally got around to building a decent page on the Deck.

15 July 2018. Added The Three Ravines.

14 July 2018. Prior website updates weren't documented, so this is the first one, and it also marks a significant rebuild of the site—it had become cluttered and unwieldy, particularly the Home Page, and was in desperate need of reorganization. Some pages have been rewritten, others shuffled around. I hope you enjoy it. And if you ever get lost, check the new Site Map; there's a link to it on every page.


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