My Furry Family: Pris

Aliases and Bio

  • Teeny-Tiny Ting (Thing)
  • My Baby Girl
  • Precious Baby

Named After Pris from Blade Runner, she's a runt, and still mistaken for a kitten, hence "Teeny-Tiny." Look up the word "cute" in an illustrated dictionary, and there she is! Her eyes are two different colors—yellow and blue—and while I'm not certain, I suspect she's blind in her blue eye, because she doesn't like to jump much. And that spot on her chin? I call it her "coffee stain," a small bit of orange that officially makes her a calico. Pris is diminutive, delicate, and über-sensitive—think "Princess and the Pea." But she's also just as affectionate as her brothers; she especially likes to shove her little head into my armpit (infinitely preferable to dogs that nose your crotch, let me tell you).

Favorite Spot

Pris prefers the top level of the kitty condo I built for them—unless something frightens her, in which case she hides under the covers on the bed with Zack.

Favorite Toy

Aluminum foil ball

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