My Furry Family: Zack

Aliases and Bio

  • Zack the Knife
  • Zack Attack
  • Jabba the Gut
  • The Orange Tank with a Battering Ram and Two Pile Drivers

Zack's name history is a little messed up. At first I thought he was a she, so I named her (him) Zhora, from Blade Runner. When I learned he was a he, instead of naming him Leon, which would have been much more appropriate given the theme, for reasons entirely unknown I went with the "Z" alliteration, and so he became Zack. I've often thought about renaming him, but Zack stuck. Go figure. And about the "Orange Tank" thing... the battering ram is his head (he loves to head-butt), and the two pile drivers are his front feet (he kneads like he's hitting a punching bag); he's actually aggressively affectionate, and will come at you like a tank, with no care as to what may be in the way—I confess that I lose a fair amount of sleep thanks to him. And "Jabba the Gut" is in response to how that enormous belly of his looks when he's reclining—I can just picture C-3PO standing next to him translating his gibberish. Zack is paunchy, loveably dimwitted, and best characterized as the "big dumb kid" you knew in grade school.

Favorite Spot

Zack shares the cubby I built over the refrigerator with Roy—unless something frightens him, in which case he hides under the covers on the bed with Pris.

Favorite Toy

A hair band left behind by a visitor. He's also learning to play fetch.

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