My Furry Family: Roy

Aliases and Bio

  • Big Boy
  • My Boy Roy
  • Roy Catty
  • $10,000 Kitty

Named after Roy Batty from Blade Runner, Roy Catty is also the "$10,000 Kitty"... he had a rough time of it growing up, suffering from a series of acute urinary issues, and has required several emergency surgeries to safe his life. All together, the vet bills have actually come pretty close to $10,000—you can tell what my priorities are, and I have no regrets at all! Roy is also the owner of the house. He often walks around the house with his front paws soaking wet: he loves to play in the water fountain. He's lithe, athletic, and killer handsome... and he knows it.

Favorite Spot

Roy loves the cubby I built over the refrigerator, and indeed he found it the second day he was in the house. He reluctantly shares it with Zack.

Favorite Toy

Traditional catnip-filled felt mouse

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