The Kindness of Others

I confess to being something of a cynic. I've seen far too many examples of how humanity is going down the drain big time—it's abundantly evident in how we're treating Mother Earth, our home, and the only home we have (Mars will not save us).

In stark contrast to this worldview, there are a few souls who have genuine compassion for their fellow humans. I'd almost given up on this notion, but then a young fellow—and fellow hobbyist—offered his assistance to help me with my home, no strings attached. It took me almost two years to accept his offer, as I've grown far too suspicious of people.

But soon after doing so, I came to learn that his offer was genuine. I ask forgiveness for my suspicions, having been hurt more times than I can count by (not all necessarily "evil") people who had their own agendas. And, he's brought along others who, like him, offered their help for the sake of being helpful to like-minded individuals in need. It's truly rewarding to know there are still genuinely good people left on the planet—even as we destroy it.

Then there are the GoFundMe contributors, some of whom are total strangers given to giving. I cannot thank these people enough—I intend to mount a plaque on the wall of the finished home thanking them all individually.


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