A Work of Art

The roof is a true work of art. The roofer is an artisan, having amassed a great deal of experience over ~40 years. Preferring some of the "older" ways of doing things, he actually charged less than what some others might have, because the cost of such a roof is a function of the metal required and the number of bends made. I saved a goodly sum just along the ends of the roof, where roofers would typically have installed costly, multi-part fixtures that not only result in boxy, unsightly shapes, but require puncturing the surface with mounting screws, thus creating potential sources of leaks. Using a few specialized hand tools and some good old fashioned craftsmanship, my roofer applied elegantly simple trim strips that required no attachment screws. He also made the caps extra wide because of the low slope of the roof, as well as for better aesthetics. Bottom line: not only did I make the right decision to not do it myself, but I picked the right guy to do it! And as a bonus, he recommended a contractor to help with the heat pump system.


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