First Light

When astronomers capture an image with a new telescope for the first time, it's called "first light." I used the same term for a milestone: the first lights turned on in my home. On Thursday, 8 November 2018, I set up a work light in the garage so I could work early in the morning, before dawn.

Then, the next morning, after the rough electrical inspection, I energized the living space breaker panel and turned on the only permanently-installed light fixture that existed in the house at the time (since all of the rest had to wait until the sheetrock was done): a work light in the HVAC blower space.

Actually, the HVAC utility light wasn't the only permanent fixture already in place; I'd forgotten about the bathroom night lights (although they were useless as work lights).

Just for giggles, I also plugged in a desk lamp on the kitchen island.


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