Global Warming

A needlessly contentious topic, global warming is like gravity: it doesn't matter whether or not you believe in it. It's still real. The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. And I'm personally witnessing some of its effects.

Shortly after purchasing the property in 2013, I began to notice some of the trees were dying. Now, five years later, I see many more hardwoods suffering the same fate, and I've attempted to find out why. Insects? Disease? Bad vibes from me?

Turns out it's global warming. The hardwoods—oak, maple, etcetera—are more sensitive to temperature changes than the softwoods, like beech; they prefer a cooler climate. So, they're "migrating" north to more suitable environs. All of the trees shown above were alive when I moved here; they are but a few of the dozens I'm currently losing.

As if that wasn't bad enough, scientists are now reporting significant global declines in insect populations, which is having a devastating impact on many bird species, crop pollination and other issues. Perhaps not surprisingly, I've noticed a decline in insects, birds and bats since I've moved here; the science reports explain and confirm my own observations. Yet more evidence. Very depressing.

Scientists are now warning that we're only about two or three decades away from the "tipping point," that time when warming will become an uncontrollable, runaway trend. But avoiding that deadline assumes we halt all greenhouse gas emissions immediately, and the chance of that happening is zero. The biggest threat isn't from deniers, petroleum producers or politicians; it's from apathy: the vast majority of people simply could not care less about global warming. I could easily delve into the topic much more deeply, with all sorts of technical references and such, since I've studied the subject extensively. But what's the point? We're doomed no matter what anyone says or does. I'm just thankful I won't be around to see the worst of it.


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