The Face On the Floor

With not much else to do while sitting on the toilet but wait for the inevitable, I'd stare at the bathroom floor. And there, staring back at me, has been an appropriately grumpy-looking face. (If you don't see it right away, roll over the image.)

When the bathroom floor was to be tiled, the face would be forever lost, which is why I felt compelled to document it beforehand. And now it is gone:

Curiously, the existence of the face is due to a change I'd made in the foundation after it was completed. Originally I'd planned to install a water softener in a little cubby next to the bathtub. This odd-sounding arrangement had the benefits of easier access to the equipment and a warmer environment to "temper" the water. Most water softeners require a drain for a flush cycle, and rather than fill up my septic tank with salty water from the softener, just before the living level slab was poured I installed a drain line that ran from the planned softener location out to the edge of the foundation, where it would just dribble on the ground. But plans change, and the bathroom layout ultimately turned out quite different from the initial design. So, I filled in the hole where the softener drain line emerged from the foundation, which resulted in the "face."


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