Windows and Doors

While there aren't that many windows—only 16 in all—a number of them are quite large in order to maximize enjoyment of the View; the main living space is practically solid glass, wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

In addition to two sliding glass doors to access the deck, there are four 6½-foot tall picture windows, two of which are 4 feet wide, and the other two 4½ feet wide. The living space also has six 3-foot-square windows, three in the kitchen and three in the bedroom.

There are only six windows in the rest of the house: three in the office, one in the foyer, and two over the stairs in the hallway. The studio has no windows because there will be stuff attached to all of the walls.

The living space picture windows were all custom-fabricated by Pella; the remainder were stock sliders from Lowe's. As for doors, there are two: the front door and a side door off the garage; these, along with the garage door, I ordered from Home Depot.


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