Deep Dive: Contractors

Here are the contractors who have helped me with my home. These are not paid advertisements; they are enthusiastic personal endorsements. I simply cannot say enough good things about them. I hope one day I can invite them all to spend an afternoon on my deck enjoying a "housefinishing" party I'd host in their honor. (My plumber is not on the list since he's now retired, but he'd still be invited, of course.)

If you live in Central New Jersey, here are the people I recommend calling:

  • Concrete: Block 34 609-903-4104
  • Electrical: Kevin Cardone 609-558-7531
  • Excavation and hardscaping: Herman's Trucking 609-234-5420
  • Septic: Sitton Septic 732-928-3553
  • Tree work: Hughes Tree Service 609-758-8602
  • Well drilling: Michael Gunther & Sons 732-363-2839

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