Here are the contractors who have helped me with my home. These are not paid ads; they're enthusiastic personal endorsements. I hope one day I can invite them all to spend an afternoon on my deck enjoying a "house-finishing" party I'd host in their honor.

If you live in Central New Jersey, here are the people I recommend calling:

  • Concrete: Block 34 609-903-4104
  • Electrical: Kevin Cardone 609-558-7531
  • Excavation and hardscaping: Herman's Trucking 609-234-5420
  • Septic: Sitton Septic 732-928-3553
  • Steel roof: All-Tite 732-363-1376
  • Tree work: Hughes Tree Service 609-758-8602
  • Well drilling: Michael Gunther & Sons 732-363-2839

Note that I've had to remove the plumber I hired—he retired.


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