The Commercial Property

My plan was to partially-develop a 12-acre lot of raw commercial land, and lease it to a non-profit agency that would finish developing it. But all I managed to do was clear the heavily-overgrown pre-existing access roads before all of the plans fell through. If this property looks substantially similar to my own, it's not a coincidence; they are in fact nearly identical except that the commercial land is nearly dead-flat, although there's a stream running along the back line. Indeed, I might have built my home here, except that the road passing it is extremely busy with traffic, especially trucks—the noise is incessant.

I was going to leave the property substantially the way it was, and work all of the structural elements into the environment without cutting down any trees—there were loads of little natural clearings all over the place. The saddest part of selling it off was knowing the new owners would clear-cut the entire lot, save for the riparian setback along the stream. Had I found a way to keep the property, I wouldn't have sold it, but that became impossible. Although I had a buyer within three months of putting it up for sale, it took over three years to close. Yes, seriously.


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