A Railroad Ran Through It

My love of railroads runs deep. And so it wasn't long after I'd bought the property that I began fantasizing about building an outdoor railroad. Not a "garden railroad" using large-scale models, as most people might envision, but a real, full-size, 1:1 railroad. Obviously something along the lines of Conrail would be out of the question, but a tiny, 15-inch gauge industrial line would be viable. Here's how I'd envisioned it.

The line was carefully laid out so that it wouldn't be visible from the house, in order to preserve the totally natural setting. The line also passed through gaps in the woods, so no trees would need to be cut. The highlight would be a 12-foot tall timber trestle that swung out over the Deer Path Ravine (bottom right):

Today such a project is entirely impossible, as it's no longer financially feasible. But back before I knew any better, I was all gung-ho, and had plotted the line with flags.

I'd also done considerable research on the real deal, and had my eye on some examples of equipment and track. One aspect where I'd deviate from real life, however, would have been the locomotive: I'd have made it electrically-powered so as to not disturb the neighbors with noise.

But even if it was somehow financially feasible, I've since abandoned the railroad project because I've decided I don't want to disturb the property any further. So, while it was fun to fantasize about, it shall remain nothing more than a fleeting dream.


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