First Visit

Upon my first visit to the property, 4 October 2013, around 8:45 AM, I knew almost immediately it would be mine. Over the course of the next three hours, I did some exploring and took over a hundred photos, many of them panoramas; below is a small sampling from that fortuitous visit. I also returned on 13 October to meet with my realtor (and take more photos), and again around 5:30 PM on 25 October, right after closing, to ceremoniously yank the For Sale sign out of the ground (and of course take more photos). Click any image for an enlargement.

1. From the vantage point of where the camper would eventually be parked, this marks the spot where I called my realtor to buy the property. As I gazed out at this scene, the thought of owning it took my breath away.

2. Here's The View, taken from the site of my future living room. I knew instantly this was where I'd build my home—even before seeing the rest of the property.

3. This reverse-angle view was taken from the bottom of the Deep Ravine.

4. Shifting to the right from that point, we see the end of the Long Ravine, which is all Wetlands.

5. The end of the driveway looked quite different from the way it does now.

6. Above the Deep Ravine is a large flat expanse that abuts the neighbors' property to the north. See the two large tree trunks side-by-side at the far right? That's where I'd eventually build Bobby's Treehouse.


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