Interior Finishing

Some aspects of the house design have remained unchanged since before I even bought the property, and they include the floors, walls and woodwork.


I've always preferred tile floors over most any other treatment, with carpet being my very least favorite. For one thing, tile is well and truly maintenance free. For another, it's the best flooring for those with pets. One must be realistic: animals will make mistakes or get sick, and tile is immune to these effects.

However, I remain undecided as to the specific pattern. For a long time I'd thought about using faux woodgrain, which has become very popular lately. But the patterns tend to be visually somewhat "busy," and I prefer floors to remain placid places for the eyes to rest. Also, a woodgrain floor might tend to clash with the woodwork. Anyway, woodgrain tile is still faux, and I prefer materials to be what they really are.

I do like slate quite a lot, but even that can be a bit busy. Still, I prefer a modicum of character, so a solid color would not be a choice. I also prefer texture over smooth, for some added character but mostly for safety reasons. The sample below is vaguely along my line of thinking, although the grout would be a darker shade to avoid the age-old chore of cleaning grout.

My plan is to tile the entire house with the same pattern, with these exceptions:

  • I'm doing the stairs in hardwood to "soften" their feel, and to create visual contrast;
  • the shower will be done in a "pebble" or "river stone" style for visual interest, but mostly for added safety.

Above all else, I must choose carefully: I'll be living with it for the rest of my life.


Some people think my taste in color is a bit odd: I prefer a very pale neutral color, nearly white, for all walls. I don't have anything against color, but I find that a color imparts an emotional effect, and I'd rather not have my living space impose emotions on me. A pale neutral color is emotionally neutral, allowing me to be in whatever mood suits me at any given time.

Wall Tile

I do love wall tile, and here I may get more creative. There are several large areas that will get some sort of wall tile treatment, including of course the bathroom and kitchen. But again, I must choose carefully, since this will be permanent.


My preference is for tight-grained, neutral-toned hardwoods. And I love doing woodwork, so I'm going to have a lot of fun making all of my own cabinetry and framing.


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