Front Porch

While not a room, it's still the first space visitors see. And it has a bit of history, including a blunder. It's always had a firewood alcove along the wall shared with the garage, but the short wall at the front end has been the focus of considerable attention. At first, this wall was simply going to be solid, just like the rest of the house's front wall. But after I started framing it, I kind of liked the look of the exposed beams, and some friends remarked they liked it as well.

Update: By November 2018, I'd decided to replace the existing beams, which were meant to be covered with hardwood veneer, with pressure-treated timbers that I'll stain to match the siding. For quite a long time I'd also thought about adding another set of beams to the other end of the porch, to the left of the front door, and finally did both on 12 December 2018 (below).

The nice side-effect of the decorative beams is that they turn the porch into something of a "space" of its own: they frame the area, making it more defined. It's no longer just a slab of concrete tacked onto the side of the garage.

As it happens, these touches also created something of a mid-century modern look, which is perfect for me.

It took (too many) years, but eventually my porch looked just the way I'd envisioned it.

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