Ric Mac at Wharncliffe Crags

"I discovered some photographs that I was convinced I'd lost in a digital crash some time ago," writes Ric. "Happily, these copies turned out to be on a separate drive. I took the pictures when my son was on holiday from school and we were staying with my family, twelve-to-fifteen years ago. They're from several hikes to Wharncliffe Crags."

"This is just beyond the junction of my parents' road and the busy A61, looking west to rising land. The farm buildings you can see are en route to the Crags."

"The lane by the farm runs to Woodhead Road, from where this picture was taken (looking east). For hikers, this forms part of the Trans-Pennine Trail and the Upper Don Trail. Somewhere faraway to the horizon is the Trent."

"This is a view on Wharncliffe Chase, on Lodge Lane, looking East. Sheep, rather than deer, run here these days."

"Here's [a] dry stone wall, 5-6 feet tall. The Chase, as the name suggests, is where local nobility used to hunt deer, so I have always supposed the walls here were built so unusually high in order to keep the deer enclosed, but I can't say for sure."

"This old, wrought iron gate is on Lodge Lane, looking to the west."

"A view to the south. These buildings are close to the Crags themselves, as witness the large boulders of millstone grit."

"Taken near the brink of the Crags, looking west over the Don valley towards More Hall reservoir, Ewden village and the farther Broomhead reservoir. Beyond that lies moorland."

"The tenacity of a bilberry plant. Bilberries are common, especially onto the moors proper. I recall collecting the fruit with my family so that my mother could make pies. In those days people used to collect a fair amount and considerately leave enough for others, but the modern approach appears to be to take industrial quantities, which canít be good for wildlife."

"To the south of Wharncliffe Crags is what I believe is called Oughtibridge Heath (pronounced Ooterbridge). In the summer it's a sea of bracken. This is a view approximately to the west, Wharncliffe Wood to the left of the picture. I think I just made myself homesick! To have been able to enjoy this has been a blessing." I believe everyone would agree, Ric! Thank you for sharing this splendid imagery.


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