Ric Mac in South Yorkshire

Ric writes, "My parents lived at the northern, tapering edge of creeping urbanisation but, by crossing the busy A61 road that links Junction 36 on the M1 motorway with Sheffield, one is immediately in relatively unspectacular but delightful pastoral surroundings. To the west, the land rises to Wharncliffe Crags, moorland and the Pennines, the backbone of the UK; to the east, the land becomes flatter towards the river Trent; to the south, there is the city of Sheffield; to the north there is mixed agriculture and woodland, under which lies the Barnsley coalfield."

As an aside, I must take issue with his use of the word unspectacular.

Above: "Invisible behind trees at the right of the picture is Howbrook reservoir, once used as a reserve supply for now-long-gone industry a few miles to the south. The reservoir remains but now serves mainly as a retreat for husbands escaping for a day's fishing."

Above: "This is a detour to the dam head, looking west."

Above: "This bridge is now inaccessible. Even when I was a child, the board walkway could be in dangerous disrepair for long periods and one would have to mind broken and missing planks."

Above and below: "Woods to the west of the reservoir, en route to Berry Lane. The path used to be better defined."

Above and below: "Emerging into fields normally grazed by dairy herds."

Above: "At Berry Lane, with a nice bit of dry stone walling. Fields around here are often bordered by such walls, which are probably in excess of a hundred years old."

Above: "Grazing sheep to the north of Berry Lane."

Above: "Over the brow of the rising land is Wharncliffe Chase, where m'lord used to hunt deer, leading to the Crags. I thought you might enjoy a stroll through a corner of South Yorkshire (or the West Riding of Yorkshire, as we old 'uns remember it)."


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