To-Do List: Insulation

Insulation is not cheap—I spent thousands on great heaps of it, which I'd ordered on 11 September 2018. The process of installation began on the evening of 13 November, immediately after receiving framing inspection approval. I actually enjoy insulating; the only downside is frequent trips up and down a stepladder.

For reasons unknown, I started with the duct chase in the office, completely filling it with fluffy pink. I continued with the rest of the room, then moved on to the studio, kitty central and the foyer.

From there I tackled the remaining spaces in a random fashion, completing what areas were of interest at any given moment; the order in which things were done really didn't matter. Eventually my helper practically took over the job of insulation, freeing me up to do stuff like the garage door and siding.

The garage was the last space to be insulated. Work began on 9 January 2018. I wound up doing about half of the ceiling. Why should my helper have all the fun?

Insulation was completed at 11:45 AM on 17 January 2019, and inspected the following afternoon.

I traded in the leftover insulation for a sorely-needed shop-vac.

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