To-Do List: Well Hookup

Well hookup consisted of dropping a pump down the well, connecting the pump to the house, and installing the pressure tank and other infrastructure in the garage. The line enters the house through a 4-inch PVC conduit—the white pipe seen below left, which was cut down after the slab floor was poured, below right:

The trench from the well to the house, dug by hand by my helpers, cost a few lunches, saving me roughly a grand. And on 2 May 2019, the well contractors arrived to drop the pump and hook everything up, taking a mere two and a half hours to complete the job. They remarked—a few times—that it went together "too smoothly."

They even backfilled the trench at no extra charge, mostly I think because they love the property, and were probably having too much fun to care. My "slaves" were delighted, as it saved them several days of "hard labor."

The pump delivers an impressive 13 gallons per minute and maintains 40 pounds of pressure without breaking a sweat. I don't think I could possibly be happier. My helpers made the observation that it was about time something went right for me.

At some point I may build an enclosure around the tank and stuff, which would not only protect everything, but greatly reduce the space I'd have to heat to keep the system from freezing.

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