To-Do List: Well Hookup

Well hookup consists of dropping a pump down the well, connecting the pump to the house, and installing the pressure tank and other infrastructure in the garage. The line will enter the house through a 4-inch PVC conduit—the white pipe seen below, which was cut down after the slab floor was poured (second image):

This will all be handled by the well driller, but when this gets done is unknown right now: the house needs to be buttoned up and heated, even if only with space heaters. But also the ground can't be frozen, as that would prevent digging the trench between the well and the house—complicated by finances. So when exactly this takes place is up in the air at the moment.

However, at least the trench from the well to the house won't cost anything more than a few lunches, as this is being done by my helpers.

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