To-Do List: Downdraft Cooktop Vent √

The design for the island—specifically the raised section along the back—was inspired by the need for a downdraft vent. But it also meant I was on my own when it came time to creating said vent. I started with a bunch of HVAC ductwork components, and added a fan I'd removed from a cheap hood. The inlets will be fitted with filters and grills, and the outlet is in the toespace at the back of the island. Taking two days to build, it was mechanically finished on 11 January 2019.

I finally installed the vents and filters on 6 June 2020.

The vents are held in place with four tiny supermagnets, one near each corner; they latch onto four 5/8" steel nuts screwed to the wooden substrate. Yes, the filters are rather inelegantly pieced together and held in place with duct tape, but these are heat registers, so no one makes filters that exactly fit.


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