To-Do List: Landscaping

I've divided landscaping into two categories: one that will be done by contractors, and the other by me. The contract work will comprise dropping one or two truckloads of dirt to fill in the depressed area along the south side of the house, where the septic system is located. Much of this area has settled and/or eroded, and needs to be raised at least two feet in places. Also included in this category is re-grading the driveway; the underground service line conduit installation resulted in a great deal of damage, and eventually it will need to be scraped down and completely resurfaced.

The stuff I'll do includes fine-tuning the land contours, planting, and gardening. As related in Yard Work, I plan to do a lot of "naturalization," whereby a variety of indigenous plants are incorporated into the landscape in aesthetic ways to create natural, self-sustaining gardens, something along these lines:

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