To-Do List: Cabinetry

Among the many things I very much enjoy doing, woodworking is near the top. For my home, I'm venturing into cabinetry for the first time, and have challenged myself to build all of them myself, rather than purchase prefabs. Besides, prefabs would force me to make compromises in order to fit the spaces. Some of the cabinets were begun almost three years ago.

The first cabinet to start coming together was the china cabinet.

By 18 May 1029 the interior was complete (above), ready for tempered glass shelves, which were installed on 21 November 2019 (below).

On 21 April 2021, I installed the ripple glass doors.

The first cabinet to be 100% completed, however, was the bathroom medicine cabinet, which got its mirror and glass shelves on 18 October 2019 (below), and was wrapped up on 24 November 2019 (bottom).

After hosting a birthday party on 1 June 2020, I saw the need to work on the kitchen cabinets. By 6 June the kitchen island was structurally completed.

Note the flush-faced drawers (as with the medicine cabinet)—harder to pull off, but a cleaner finished look. Also completed the center cabinet interior (below). Top to bottom: splatter screens, small pots and pans, lids, and large pots and pans.

The kitchen cabinetry was pretty much finished by 27 December 2021; the bathroom cabinets, however, are barely under way.

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